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What people say about us:

Brighter PR posses the winning combination of incomparable industry contacts, innovative ideas and the expertise necessary to birth their initiatives and meet Malta's PR objectives. Debbie and her team at Brighter are a joy to work with; they are responsive, enthusiastic, tenacious and the personal attention and commitment Debbie gives to all her clients is exceptional in the industry. Under Brighter's management, the Malta Tourist Board has seen its PR activities develop exponentially with demonstrable impact.

Natalie, Marketing & PR Manager at the Malta Tourist Board

I have always found Brighter Group extremely efficient and responsive. They understand the needs of newspapers and have great contacts across the travel industry

Mark Palmer, Travel Editor, Daily Mail

Brighter has shown a tremendous commitment to our relationship and PR goals in the UK. It is a real pleasure working with everyone in the team

Sylvia Scholey, vice president sales, marketing & ecommerce, Elegant Hotels Group Barbados

Brighter are hugely enthusiastic and passionate and create well targeted campaigns which have really helped raise our profile both in and out of the travel pages. We know that we can rely on them to produce great work.

Líney Inga Arnórsdóttir, Project Manager, Promote Iceland

We have never failed to be impressed by their creativity, enthusiasm and diligence in carrying out mutually agreed strategies; they have become a vital part of our marketing team

Salvador B. de Lucena, general manager, Monte Rei Golf & Country Club