An ode to the Unfold App

January 6, 2021

Levelling up Instagram Stories for all since Jan 2018

In August 2016 Instagram launched its Stories function to rival Snapchat and by doing so elevated the image sharing app to another level. From that moment on we have consumed beyond the grids and delved deeper into the lives and brands of those we follow – of course all through a carefully managed and curated series of images and videos. But have you ever wondered how those super sleek templates, fonts and multi-image Stories are created? Well, I am about to let you into a little secret – enter the Unfold App.

I love Insta stories and I am always keen to learn how to level up and make my content more engaging for an audience. On a trip to Dubai back in January 2019 a journo on the trip introduced me to the Unfold App which blew my mind.

Unfold is a story editor app with a huge range of different templates for Instagram Stories. They allow for multiple photos within one story, through to adding text and different fonts to different collection styles including film and scrapbook. When on press trips and creating content for our FINN Travel Instagram account I always spend a little more time curating a collection from the destination to be posted on Instagram Stories.

The app allows me to create professional looking and engaging content without the need for hundreds of different editing tools and apps. Unfold is available for free but I pay for the Plus version at a cost of £2.99 per month – this allows access to a whole host of additional templates, fonts, and design options.

If you are looking to give your Instagram Stories content a glow up, the Unfold app will help you take it to the next level with minimal effort.


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