May 7, 2020

This week we ran a survey and asked our key travel editor and journalist contacts for their insight into the current media landscape. 

We asked them about their content needs from current topic requirements, to future story ideas and their views on receiving information about press trips. It’s clear from the results that they are eager to discuss and even plot in future travel.

The news this week has focused on the UK’s handling of the crisis as the country reaches the highest death toll in Europe, the testing of a new contact tracing app and plasma vaccines began and predictions for easing of lockdown measures are made in advance of the announcement due on 10 May. The economic impact is now causing great concern with 6 3 million on furlough and the UK set for its worst recession on record. The Government also heard from the travel industry this week at a Transport Select Committee hearing, with calls for support to protect jobs and consumers rights. Read More...


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