June 19, 2020

Here is an overview of what happened in the UK Media during the week commencing 15th June. 

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This week, the headlines continued to focus on the updates surrounding school openings and the reintroduction and relaunch of non-essential businesses. Positive news included a prediction that the UK’s daily death toll could be zero by July – however, there is also speculation that the UK population could be susceptible to a second wave as only 5% of the UK was infected. Travel news also dominated the headlines with many titles covering travel industry updates and predictions for summer holidays.

This week’s major articles and topics:


The trade press continued to focus on news and updates related to airport openings, destinations launching and travel restrictions lifting. Ahead of the Government’s decision on quarantine restrictions,  the trade titles have covered news and features on consumer opinions and travel brands’ government lobbying. The trade titles also updated readers on travel bans lifting in Europe and afar.

This week’s major articles and topics:


The travel press continued to focus on news around air bridges and quarantine rules. With announcements from multiple European countries, many titles featured a roundup of the status of each country and the health and safety protocols and restrictions in place. Many consumer titles also covered the news surrounding airlines as well as updates from the hospitality sector.

This week’s major articles and topics:


In the past week there have been around 500,000 mentions of ‘travel’,  ‘holiday’ or ‘travel industry’ across social media. The sentiment around this conversation continues to be largely optimistic with positive sentiment at 72%. The people taking the biggest share of voice online are aged between 25-34. Popular posts of the week included a Twitter user explaining their frustration at the UK Government easing lockdown while China is enforcing another travel ban. In other parts of the internet, reality TV celebrities express their excitement for travelling internationally again, as they work towards perfecting  their holiday-body.


The top topics around travel and holiday conversations from the week are summarised in the below graphic. ‘Plans’ made around 2,000 appearances in social posts as audiences discussed the Prime Minister getting a Union Jack style makeover on his jet.

In the keyword graphic below, the term ‘refund’ continued to be a big topic this week, and made over 200 appearances in social media posts, with many users commenting about Virgin in particular.

A few social media users continued to mention ‘pandemic’ in their posts, with one user asking why the public can travel but not see local friends. Many newspapers also provided daily updates on quarantine and the re-opening of borders which attracted the attention of social media users.


#BlackLivesMatter: Social media users continued to post in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, encouraging people to keep the momentum going. Many brands posted around how they plan to encourage diversity in their operations.

#MakeTheUTurn: trended on Twitter this week following footballer Marcus Rashford’s open letter to the government urging them to provide free meals to UK children most in need. Following Marcus’ lobbying and the ensuing social media and public backing, the Prime Minister announced a “Covid summer food fund” for pupils in the UK. 

#Premier League: This week the Premier League resumed, with football games taking place each evening and broadcast live on TV, kicked off with Aston Villa vs Sheffield United on 17 June. Football fans across the UK posted in celebration and gave commentary on the initial matches. The season’s remaining games will take place over the next few weeks, with no fans in attendance to comply with social distancing measures.



Debbie Flynn shared her expertise in building consumer confidence and the importance of clarity through marketing and comms campaigns on ABTA’s ‘Maximising Brand Awareness During the Coronavirus Crisis’ webinar. ABTA Members and Partners can access the recording free of charge on the ABTA’s Member Zone.

Free medical assistance offered with Riu Hotels bookings

Medical assistance to guests, including any affected by Covid-19 infection during their holidays, will be offered by Riu Hotels. Cover incudes medical attention, surgery, hospitalisation and emergency medical transport, up to €30,000 per guest.

Intrepid Travel launches Intrepid Retreats

The sustainable, small-group tour operator has introduced a new collection of tours where travellers can immerse themselves in one location. Destinations will include domestic holidays in Scotland, Cornwall, and Suffolk, plus active walking and cycling trips in The Lake District and The Peak District.

Fred Olsen Donates £33,000 of food to charity

Donations were made from its four ocean ships in lay-up in Rosyth with the help of food distribution charity FareShare. The food was the equivalent of 30,000 meals to the most vulnerable people in Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch.


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