June 26, 2020

Here is an overview of what happened in the UK Media during the week commencing 22ndJune. 


Wednesday’s briefing was held by Prime Minister Boris Johnson, after it was announced that it would be the last daily update as ‘our long hibernation is coming to an end’. He was accompanied by Prof. Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance, the two who stood with him at the very first media briefing back in March. Exactly three months after announcing lockdown in England, Boris declared a major easing of restrictions and the news that dominated headlines this week included the new social distancing regulations and the opening of non-essential businesses across the UK. Despite the good news, many media outlets also covered the risk of a second wave and the importance of sticking to the new guidelines.

 This week’s major articles and topics:


The travel trade press continued to focus on news and updates related to airport and destinations openings and travel restrictions lifting. The trade titles also covered specific updates with the status of the industry’s major business, brands and airlines following the impact of Covid-19 on job losses and sales.

This week’s major articles and topics:


With the latest announcement on UK restrictions lifting, many titles covered stories on domestic travel in the UK, including staycation bookings soaring and suggestions on where to visit in the UK as well as little touches to make a UK holiday more fun. The travel press also continued to focus on news around air bridges and quarantine rules and which destinations are feasible for 2020 travel.

This week’s major articles and topics:


In the past week there have been around 547,000 mentions of ‘travel’,  ‘holiday’ or ‘travel industry’ across social media. The sentiment around this conversation continues to be largely optimistic with positive sentiment at 72%. The people taking the biggest share of voice online within this topic area are aged between 25-34.

Popular posts of the week included a tweet by MP Diane Abbott, who discussed the personal story of her mother on Windrush Day. Another Twitter user mocked Nigel Farage who appeared to be breaking the travel ban.


The top topics around travel and holiday conversations from the week are summarised in the below wordcloud. ‘Summer’ and ‘book’ made around 4,000 appearances in social posts. This was due to a few reasons – many people contemplating travelling to Stonehenge for Summer Solstice, and other popular posts included articles around the likelihood of booking a summer holiday this summer. 

In the keywords below, the term ‘ban’ became a big topic this week, and made over 600 appearances in social media posts, with many users interested in an article by the BBC which stated that the EU may ban travel from the US as borders reopen.

‘Refund’ within travel continued to rumble on in social media users’ posts, with Martin Lewis leading and encouraging the topic online.  



Following Boris Johnson’s announcement on Tuesday 23 June that many of the current lockdown restrictions in the UK would be eased on 4 July, with the opening of restaurants, pubs, cinemas, hairdressers, hotels, B&Bs and indoor gatherings permitted, many social media users posted in support and excitement, whilst others expressed concern that lockdown is being lifted too quickly.


Social media users across the UK posted in outrage at the scenes at Bournemouth Beach, where thousands of people descended and ignoring social distancing rules. A major incident had to be declared as a result of the behaviour of visitors. Social media users also tweeted about the amount of litter left at the beach while expressing their concern about #covidiots.


Now in its second year, World Wellbeing Week took place this week, encouraging people to promote wellbeing in all its forms. Social media users and brands posted wellness tips, initiatives and content themed around wellness to encourage people to take care of their mental and physical health. 


Steve Dunne shared his expertise on how consumers judge brands on how they treat people

As the furlough scheme starts to wind down and businesses start to reshape and downsize – Steve advises that leaders need to handle their people with care.

The first of TTG Media’s new Restart: Travel events is set to focus on the luxury sector

The Restart: Travel series has been developed as a way to further support the sector as the industry starts to open up. The first event, Restart: Luxury Travel is set to take place on 30 June and will be hosted by TTG Luxury editor, April Hutchinson.

FINN Partners wins Global Organic Social Media Campaign of the Year

We are so proud to have won Global Organic Social Media Campaign of the Year at the Global Digital Excellence Awards for our #ThanksToTravel campaign. Announcing the win was Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement at Microsoft, who stated that the campaign ‘built positive awareness around travel destinations at a time when the industry was only receiving negative press’.

ABTA unveils guide to help destinations ‘restart’ tourism

ABTA has produced a “recovery guide” to help destinations restart their tourism sector following the coronavirus pandemic.


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