Creativity is Contagious

December 23, 2020

Following on from picking the brains of our marvellous team about what made them laugh in 2020, I also asked them what ideas they wish they had come up with this year. 

It has been a year when we have had to flex the grey matter more than ever and we like to think we are a pretty creative bunch so we were green with envy about these corkers. As Einstein said, ‘creativity is contagious, pass it on’:

Kate: I loved Playstation’s campaign for the launch of the PS5. They replaced the London Underground signage with the four icons that make up the controls of a Sony PlayStation console. They also collaborated with Greggs  to create the ‘Launch Box’ meal deal consisting of sausage rolls, doughnuts, sandwiches and pasties – all in the same shapes as the PlayStation control icons. Also… PE with Joe! The man is a genius. 70 workouts and over 70 million views, he ensured that the £500k generated from YouTube ads was donated to NHS Charities Together. Not to mention the heart warming and uplifting videos of family members of all ages joining in with daily exercise routines and fancy dress themes.

Emily: I love a cocktail and Stanley Tuccis’ Instagram videos of him making old fashioneds and martinis was a social media highlight this year. How do we use him for a cocktail making class for media? And how do I make my home bar look like his?

Cat: When Burger King took a break from its light-hearted trolling of McDonald’s in support of its fast-food rivals, ahead of another UK lockdown. The ad which began “we never thought we’d be asking you to do this,” reminded people that food outlets are suffering and showed the brand in a different light.

Melissa: Dating app Bumble’s Get close, from afar campaign thoughtfully targeted singletons during lockdown, outlining what they can’t do yet….and instead encouraged them to say ‘yes to making them blush,’ and ‘yes to pillow talk’ and ‘yes to anticipation’ as they get close, from afar to their prospective dates by focusing on building an emotional connection before the physical.

April: I loved the #RateMyKFC campaign during lockdown. It was a genius way to tackle lockdown boredom and encourage everyone to get involved and make their homestyle version of the famous fried chicken when they closed their doors at the start of the outbreak. Watching everyone take to social media with some horrific home style KFCs was great.

Becca: The ‘Perfect Portions’ ad by Sainsburys tug on the heart strings. The videos used nostalgia, escapism and humour to crack that Christmassy feeling, and left me with that warm fuzzy feeling.

Jane: This student spoiler alert campaign is very clever

Grace: Bias definitely comes into this one, but my brother’s new podcast Tea Cosy which he launched whilst on furlough for elderly people feeling lonely in lockdown, or simply for anyone wanting some company and calmness during their afternoon cuppa. I don’t necessarily wish I’d had the idea but it’s definitely my cup of tea!

And as for me: The You Can’t Stop Us ad by Nike combined incredible visual skills, deep poignant messaging, was true to the brand and landed at just the right time.  It was simply brilliant. Plus, the BodyForm #WombStories video was bold and honest and beautiful.  It has also lead the way to break the ridiculous taboo around periods and get people discussing topics like period poverty leading to brands like Brew Dog launching Bloody Good Beer where profits go to Bloody Good Period which provides period products to those who cannot afford them and menstrual education to those less likely to access it.


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