FINN Partners Travel - 5 apps I love for Instagram

January 4, 2021

It’s no secret that I love Instagram, I love everything about it but what I love most is the creativity behind social posts. I can spend hours scrolling through my feed, hopping from stories to reels and I can spend even longer editing photos to make sure it’s just right before going live. It’s one of my biggest time wasters and fortunately, there are a ton of Instagram apps to help me do exactly that. These are my top five:


  1. Planoly

Planoly app allows you to see how your posts and content look before posting it live on Instagram. You can drag and drop photos and videos around to visually see how your Instagram grid will look once the content is live, so you can make sure it is exactly how you aesthetically want it. This is the main purpose when I use the app, but you can also schedule, post and measure your social media content across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter all in one place, allowing you to expertly manage and optimise content across social platforms.


  1. Grid Post

Have you ever seen one photo split across multiple posts, to create one large scale image? If so, then that was most likely created using the app ‘Grid Post’ or a similar variant. The app allows you to split your photos by cropping it into a number of square pictures and uploading them to Instagram. This is a fantastic way to amplify an image which deserves to be shown off to your followers. 


  1. Instaspacer

Not being able to use line-breaks on Instagram is a huge bugbear of mine but gone are the days of using dots and dashes to make up for white space because Instaspacer is a caption saviour. Simply write your caption exactly as you want it to appear when live, convert it and then paste it in into Instagram when you’re done. Simple as can be.


  1. Made

If you’re looking to step up your game with Instagram stories, then Made is the app for you. This app has minimal and trendy Instagram story templates which are designed with content creators in mind. The app loads new templates every month for optimal editing opportunities and also has various fonts, photo filters and a story board.


  1. Lightroom

I’m sure most of you have heard of Adobe Lightroom but did you know it’s now available in a handy app, so you can edit on the go? The app has easy image editing tools like filters and pre-sets to make photo editing simple as well as advanced picture editing software. With the editing software you can remove almost anything with a touch of the healing brush as well as alter hue and saturation with precision to elevate photos.  



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