Going Alfresco - finally!

May 6, 2021

It’s a marker on the roadmap many of us have been longing for - pubs and restaurants have officially reopened and can serve outdoors. Finally, we have some sort of normality back in our lives, whether that means sitting in parks, pub gardens, on rooftops, or even on the plastic table and chair a cafe purchased from IKEA last minute to perch on the side of a cobbled street. Wherever it is, it doesn’t matter, I’m certainly up for drinking anywhere and whatever quantity of rosé wine required to keep me warm and finally enjoy a dose of normalisation whilst being with friends and colleagues alike.

Our travel team have certainly not held back either. Without a doubt, during the pandemic our trusted ‘Zoom’ has been a lifesaver when it comes to virtual meetings and still being able to have those all-important face to face meetings. The team have been great when it comes to setting up virtual ‘coffee’ meetings with travel editors and freelance journalists. However, let’s face it, nothing beats having a good old natter and catch up on clients’ latest updates over a cold glass of wine or even a bite to eat, even if it is during the coldest April I can honestly remember.

When it comes to dining/drinking alfresco, don’t be fooled. Everyone’s been stuck indoors for a year and has the exact same plan as you – to make up for entire year of not mooching around the terraces, rooftops and sipping on a cold beer in a pub garden - by doing exactly that!

Yes, you do need to reserve a table in advance. Yes, it is tricky.

Admittedly, in February, I booked a table outside a pub for every weekend until June – because I am crazily organised and absolutely desperate to go out! However, that doesn’t mean it’s too late. Being the booking queen, I have some great insight into how you can still book the perfect Alfresco spot for any type of occasion. Welcome to my favourite (new and improved) platform...

The Fork

My beloved Bookatable has been taken over. But oh, it is good. Even more restaurants and even more discounts. What’s not to love?

The simple website allows you to search and book the best restaurants in London showing reviews, menus, pricing and opening hours at the top places to eat in London. Don’t worry about trying to figure out which ones have outdoor spaces, the site automatically filters this for any bookings from now until 17th May. In order to see as many options as possible, I recommend opening the search to the whole of London (if you don’t mind travelling that is) and remember, the earliest time you choose, the better it is in terms of availability.

Whilst you can still book on Bookatable for now, I recommend heading over to The Fork as they are offering a unique discount code which gives you points equivalent to £20 of your next booking. Typically, I have already taken advantage of this and used it to buy my clients another bottle of crisp rose – because why not?!

So, I hope you all enjoy your dinners made by someone else and cold glasses of wine with friends, and remember, play the long game, and win.


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