It’s Not All Been Doom & Gloom in 2020

December 23, 2020

What a year.  Not ones to dwell on some pretty rough times, I asked the team to send me what made them laugh this year and they delivered:

Olivia: Despite 2020 being incredibly sad, isolating and at times, outright ridiculous, I have to say meme culture has been top tier and it has been one of the only things that has put a smile on my face. WFH memes, millennials joining TikTok memes, Tiger King memes and let’s not forget the epic spoofs of The Cabinet Ministers working in new roles in response to the Government's 'Fatima’ advert outrage (Rishi waiting tables in Wagamama was a personal favourite). The fast paced news agenda has helped deliver a constant stream of hilarity to brighten up our days, including these incredibly relatable depictions of the year. Some of the best memes from 2020 can be seen here.

Kate: In a clip which has been viewed more than three million times on Twitter, Matt Lucas the star of Little Britain, parodied the prime minister following his confusing announcement in May this year on how lockdown restrictions were to be eased in England.

April: It seems like a lifetime ago now when Tiger King was the talk of lockdown 1.0 creating plenty of laughs with the memes across social and of course the Tik Tok videos. My favourite being the Tiger King edition of Savage.

Emily: This is more a story that made me smile rather than laugh. I loved the story about Cher helping the worlds loneliest elephant find a new home. An unlikely pair but so super heart-warming and also very random.

Jane: The Helena Bonham Carter Bumble Ad is funny

Cat: Big up to Drake for this hilarious challenge! #FlipTheSwitch really took off on TikTok. I was seeing this everywhere and even Jennifer Lopez joined in on the bandwagon. Unfortunately, I couldn’t convince anyone to do the challenge with me…

Grace: Noel Fielding’s garden party filled with his hand painted celebrity guests on Grayson’s Art Club had me chuckling. Just one of many great moments in Grayson Perry’s series which I thought was fantastic and brought some much-needed art and feel-good factor into lockdown

Melissa: Staying at home has been very en vogue in 2020, so naturally we have spent a little more time sitting on the sofa watching Netflix. The US Emmy-award winning Schitt’s Creek emerged as the witty, hilarious, heart-warming series we all needed to temporarily escape from reality. From the eccentric characters (who doesn’t love Moira Rose’s eclectic wig collection and unidentifiable accent??) to the impeccable writing, it has all the ingredients to make us laugh, cry and want to hug our families in equal measure. It has rightfully become a cult classic during the pandemic.

Becca: The ‘Fleetwood mac guy’ TikTok video showing a man skateboarding to Fleetwood Mac’s hit song ‘Dreams' became a viral sensation with its simple, yet soothing and humorous outlook. The famous song crept back into the charts, and the video now has over 13 million views on Tik Tok - up there with a funny highlight of mine from 2020.

And my fave: I’ll admit I was slow to TikTok, but just as twitter is a brilliant demonstration of how witty people can be with words, TikTok is next level with video @MaddyLucyDann is one of my favourites and everything about this is perfection and deserves the over 200k likes.


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