January 21, 2021

By now, we are all aware that the world has changed dramatically. We’ve adapted to furlough schemes, retailers closing, schools moving to online learning and of course, sourdough starters and banana bread.

As people across the UK continue to cocoon in their homes, investing in personal skin rituals and ways to keep healthy, what are we all taking from it this time? Well, we do have a positive change on our side of course – the roll out of the UK’s COVID vaccination programme. Here are some of the trends defining lockdown 3.0…

Bridgerton has become the new Tiger King: Tiger King has long been forgotten with the arrival of period drama, Bridgerton. From grand stately homes to regency styled dresses, the Netflix hit has graced our screens bringing us much needed escapism, romance and elegance. The drama encompasses wealth, lust and betrayal, and is the perfect solution to survive lockdown January.

Lockdown loves cinnamon rolls: Almost a year on after our love affair with banana bread, it seems we’re on the lookout for a new challenge. Cinnamon buns are proving to be the bake of choice for home bakers during this latest wave of lockdown, with Waitrose revealing that sales of bread flour and yeast are up a staggering 200% year on year and kudos to our consumer team’s work on this story!

Swapping picnic in the parks for takeaway coffee: Although hospitality is closed for the time being, new restrictions have still allowed us small freedoms. Since the arrival of the colder weather, many of us have swapped our blissful park picnic hangouts for walks and takeaway coffees. What we may have taken for granted before, a simple coffee now suddenly lends a walk purpose, made all the more enjoyable by a friendly companion.

And of course, our appetite for travel? After a year of very little international travel and relying on our bubbles, there is fast growing opportunity to meet like-mind people, discover new cultures and travel to new destinations.  Living through a pandemic has also sparked a re-evaluation of our priorities and attitudes, and for many, the time to make plans. Whether we’re quietly dreaming of summer festivals, looking forward to experiencing a bucket list trip or yearning for a more remote, natural environment with plenty of space, undoubtedly, we can all agree that the privilege of travel is something we can look forward to. 2020 might have left us with little hope, but we know the end is in sight.  


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