February 15, 2021

Time to get to know the creative minds and friendly faces of our stellar team in our Meet The Team series. This week, it’s senior account executive, Rebecca Riley’s turn in the spotlight.

What brings you joy?

We all know by now it’s the little things in life that are making us happy. For me I can’t get through the day without my morning coffee, a good old playlist and some fresh air at lunch. The increasing vaccination numbers also bringing some daily joy, not to mention the occasional glass of wine in the evening...


What are you looking forward to this year?

Like everyone, I am missing friends and family. Impromptu meets, afternoons at the pub, Friday night dinners out and Saturday brunches are high on the agenda – cliché I know. Travel is of course up there too – I can’t wait to appreciate more of what we have on our own doorstep. I also wouldn’t mind a visit to the hairdressers.


What key trend should we keep an eye on this year?

The rise of the socially conscious consumer - from political issues to mental health to upcycling, the rise of conscious consumerism has become even more prevalent for brands. For example, take Nike’s ‘One Day We Won’t Need This Day’ female empowerment campaign, or Dove’s Real Beauty campaigns. As consumers become even more socially aware, being in touch with what your audience really cares about will become an expectation from all brands in 2021.


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