May 18, 2020

Zoom calls: manageable / Webinars: 3 / Days off: 1

Monday – Over the weekend we worked on a comment for The Telegraph from our Intrepid client about the planned two-week quarantine for UK arrivals. Straight after BoJo’s announcement on Sunday night we set about working out the reactions and activations needed for our clients as there are different ramifications for everyone. 

Boris’ announcement left most people non-plussed and there was no clarity on whether the 14-day quarantine would come into effect.  Nor what #StayAlert meant in comparison to what we’d all been doing before – as though we’d all been sleepwalking prior to his announcement – so as ever, we have been rolling with the punches and trying to stay ahead of it all to make sure our clients and team have their best foot forward.

Tuesday – I started the day off with a webinar hosted by the British Guild of Travel Writers on ‘What Destinations Are Looking For Now’ with Malta Tourism Authority, Promote Iceland and City Cruises – it was great to be part of. Our clients gave lots of valuable advice and shared plenty of useful information which I know members found useful as I got loads of feedback on email and LinkedIn afterwards. Jennifer Howze was an excellent moderator and straight afterwards we started talking about working on a project together, so it was clearly meant to be.

That afternoon Darrin presented at the ABTA Tourism Board Partners Meeting about marketing post-lockdown – it was a really interesting session and included some meaty data from GWI on what our new normal will look like and what current sentiment is about booking travel.

Wednesday – I had the day off, yes, a proper day off.  My twins turned one today, so to mark the momentous milestone, we made the most of Boris’ new guidelines and had a picnic on the beach, attempted to get a decent family photo (another abject failure) and I even managed to get a big number 1 helium balloon delivered. 

Meanwhile in the ‘office’ the team were setting up interviews for tourism ministers with CNN and The Telegraph. But I managed to get a helium balloon delivered during lockdown, so who is the real winner here?

Thursday – Another day, another webinar.  I don’t even mention the ones we just attend as there are zillions, but today was a FINN webinar, this time our Asia team hosted one on The Future of Travel Journalism and it featured editors from Travel + Leisure in The States, Claire Irvin from Daily Telegraph and Fiona Kerr from Conde Nast Traveller – if you missed it, it’s here and well worth a listen.

Friday – Is it me or has broadband been slower this week – everyone I have spoken to seems to be having the same problem.  The only bonus is that I’ve found Zoom works better without video, so I can eat crisps during calls. Small wins.

Today we made the final tweaks to the announcement about the Global Travel & Tourism Resilience Summit ‘Reengineering Readiness’ happening on 26 May.  An all day, virtual and completely free summit, it will bring together some true powerhouses of the travel industry and beyond including Global Rescue, UNWTO, Intrepid Travel Group, The World Travel & Tourism Council, Jumeirah Group, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, iFree Group, Tauck, Mabrian Technologies, IBM, DXC Technologies and Ingle International.  Oh and we may just have Debbie moderating a panel on communications with a few industry pals.  I’m pretty excited about it – just need to lockdown all the talking points we’ve discussed and try to keep within the time limit… If you haven’t registered, you can do so here as well as see the agenda.

Here are a few things we’ve loved this week:


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