June 1, 2020


Zoom calls: back in the trillions

This week marked the last ever clap for key workers and it made me realise that it is probably time to draw my weekly blog to a close – change is good and it’s time to draw a line under what has been before.  I am distinctly bored of hearing myself say ‘new normal’ but I can’t think of a better way of expressing it.  For me, June marks the beginning of the ‘new normal’.  The last 10 weeks have been anything but normal, but I can feel a certain rhythm starting to set into each week; Monday is bonkers with news, Tuesday is a time for pitching, Wednesday is Zoom-tastic, Thursday is clear and better for thinking, Friday comes around so quickly and most of the time I am in need of a G&T by 6pm. 

So that means that this week’s post is not going to be like all my other ones where I details each week day because no one really needs to know that I did a lot of laundry on bank holiday Monday (#glamour) but there are some things that happened last week that make me feel really positive about June and I can hand on heart say that I am really proud of the people I work with and the clients we work for.  In these strange times, people are working beyond their comfort zones and thinking a million miles ahead of the game.  Yes, it has been stressful and there has been a fair amount of head scratching going on, but it’s also been empowering and bonding for all of us to get through it and hopefully see light at the end of an infuriatingly long tunnel.

Here are all the things that have made me proud this week:

  • We confirmed working with brilliant new client which we will be announced in the coming weeks, we love them already and cannot wait to speak to media about them as they are pretty exciting.  Watch this space.
  • We had a bumper weekend of broadcast coverage with St Helena on ITV’s This Morning and Jordan & Ayla on Ainsley Harriott’s ‘Mediterranean Cookbook’
  • We created a pretty stellar survey story to go out this week for Medical Travel Compared – I love meaty stats
  • Debbie was BRILLIANT on her panel at the Global Travel & Tourism Resilience Council Summit: Re-engineering Readiness. I am completely biased but I would say that her discussion on trust and communication was easily the best.
  • Carly wowed the TravMedia audience with her insights into pitching for broadcast – if you want her deck, just ask her nicely and she might share…
  • Our Intrepid Travel client Zina Bencheikh spoke on a Women In Travel CIC panel discussing the implications for women in the travel and tourism industry and how they can best navigate it – the same week as they launched this Education For All pen pal initiative.
  • And finally, we brought back a couple of team members from furlough – just brilliant.

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