May 11, 2020

Zoom calls: on the up

Webinars planned: 5

Bank holiday Monday on a Friday: 1


Monday – 4th of May has now become Star Wars day with the excellent pun May the Fourth Be With You – we like to make the most of it with the client connections as Jordan, Iceland and Belize have all featured in different films over the years.

We started working on a new project with the Global Travel & Tourism Resilience Council for a virtual summit on 26th May – the topic will be ‘re-engineering readiness’ and the line-up is looking pretty spectacular, so I am looking forward to announcing that next week. Plus, even better, it’s free to all, so I imagine it’ll be a popular event.

As ever, I really appreciate how lucky we are to be a FINN Partners company and we got our company survey to get a sense of our physical and mental wellbeing – it is very reassuring to work within a company that genuinely cares.

Tuesday – It’s webinar a-go-go here. ABTA contacted us to take part in a webinar for its tourism board partners so next week we will be presenting on destination marketing in the post-lockdown phase.  GWI will also be presenting some new research and over 40 tourism boards are signed up, so it should be an interesting one.

We also had our global travel team call where we congratulated Cathy from CatchOn, our Asia office, for her ‘rockstar’ performance at the Skift Travel PR Summit last week.  We’ve been working with her team on a webinar planned for next week looking at the future of travel journalism from a global perspective.  We’ve secured Claire Irvin from the Daily Telegraph and Fiona Kerr from Conde Nast Traveller to speak on the panel (as Beyonce would say, who run da world?) and they will be joined by Travel & Leisure from the US.  It’s on Thursday 15th May and registration is here.

I also had a call with the ever-supportive Graham McKenzie of TravelMole and plotted some brilliant things for our clients, watch this space…

Wednesday – I found watching the Transport Select Committee with Simon Calder and Mark Tanzer really interesting, if not a bit concerning that one of the committee didn’t seem to understand the difference between a travel agent and a tour operator…

We announced our involvement in the British Guild of Travel Writers webinar on What Travel Destinations Are Doing Now which will feature three of our excellent clients, City Cruises, Promote Iceland and Malta Tourism Authority.  Sign ups have been coming in thick and fast which is encouraging, and the brilliant Jennifer Howze will be moderating.

We also announced a project we are starting with Poland National Tourist Office for a new digital campaign to inspire people for when travel restrictions are over – it goes without saying that we are delighted.

I got to join the WTTC weekly call in Debbie’s absence.  So many interesting stats and initiatives underway, it was very inspiring indeed.

Thursday – Today we issued our global newsletter, we have been getting click through rates of over 20% with our first two, so the pressure is on to keep the topics tip-top.  We’re covering sustainability and travel/tech/design this week, so I am pretty confident it’ll be a popular one.  To read it and/or sign up, click here

To end the working week, we added an extra bit of sparkle to our halos and shouted about our do-goodery by putting forward two of our furloughed team members for the Travel Weekly Good Deed Feed.  Ellen and Jane have made us very proud at how they have thrown themselves into volunteer work and completely epitomise the Brighter and FINN ethos of work hard and play nice.

We then had a team drink where I treated everyone to a Britney Spears themed quiz devised by my Britney-obsessed brother.  It turns out that we have a lot of Britney fans in our team, however Melissa was clearly the uber-fan getting a whole host of bonus points for knowing the name of her hometown and who played her mother in Crossroads.  If anyone wants the quiz, let me know, it really is pretty good.

That evening of course, we clapped our NHS heroes

Friday – A bank holiday to commemorate VE Day.  Special kudos has to go to Sam who went all out with a 40s look, plenty of PIMMS and union jack bunting for some socially distanced street celebrations. We did a pic for our own Zoom street party, but it wasn’t a patch on Sam’s real life efforts.

Here are a couple of things we loved this week:


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