Unlock your Lockdown with our Dynamic Destination Virtual Zoom Backgrounds

April 22, 2020

With Finn Partners Travel Practice’s new collection of ZOOM backgrounds, video callers can now ‘zoom’ all around the world with the flick of a laptop and click of a button (gullible ZOOM participants encouraged).

Bringing a dose of escapism to daily video calls, Finn Travel has launched a collection of 23 animated ZOOM backgrounds from 14 destinations around the world, in the hope to bring a little fun and escapism into people’s video calls during these difficult times.

ZOOM has a virtual background feature that allow users to display an image or video as a background during a ZOOM Meeting. Messy rooms and sad wallpapers can now exhale with relief! More information and instructions can be seen on ZOOM's support site here. But thankfully, most of the work is already done... via the links below, stunning ZOOM-ready images and videos  from some of our exciting destinations can be downloaded. Go on, have that bucketlist birthday party on the beach. Or perhaps in the next team meeting, subtly plant the seed for where the next conference should be. Either way, Finn Partners Travel wish all users a zoomtastic experience...

Please choose from any of the below destinations and travel brands to download the virtual backgrounds. All files prefixed with 'Animation' are video files and when uploaded to ZOOM will have subtle movements in the background. 















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