November 3, 2018

London, 2  November 2018-A  new  survey commissioned  by Finn Partners,  a  global marketing and communications agency with a 120-strong dedicated travel & lifestyle practice including Brighter Group in the UK, reveals that UK consumers are more discerning and less ready to be ‘influenced ‘when booking a holiday than travel brands may have previously thought.

The survey, which questioned over 2000 UK consumers aged 18 and over from across the British Isles, revealed that almost half of UK adults do not follow social media influencers*.

The 51% of respondents who do follow social media influencers** revealed interesting perspectives on what they ‘hate’ to see those influencers posting, versus what they ‘love’ to see.


What UK consumers HATE to see from social media influencers:

  • Fake engagement = 61%
  • Over-stylised content = 38%
  • Content that doesn’t fit with their overall theme = 36%
  • Generic imagery = 36%
  • Brand partnerships = 32%
  • Limited details about the destination = 30%

What they LOVE:

  • Useful tips = 46%
  • Personal experiences = 37%
  • Hidden Gems/Unheard of locations/places = 37%
  • Images = 28%
  • Video = 19%

The results reveal that brands need to consider their social media strategies more carefully than they might have thought. Often brands are advised to work with influencers, and to create stylised social content, to quickly build following and engagement on social media. Finn Partners’ research shows that consumers are not easily fooled into making a buying decision based on what they see as inauthentic content.

Instead, brands need to view their social strategies as an integral part of their public relations programmes, employing the ‘old school’ but successful techniques of, really understanding what their audiences are looking for and creating ‘story-telling’ social content that connect with these needs and expectations.

Commenting on the survey, Debbie Flynn, managing partner Brighter Group, a Finn Partners Company, said: “Marketing managers and PR executives need to balance the requirements of the whole of their audience, understanding that almost 50% aren’t influenced by social media, and that the other 50% prefer content that speaks personally to them – the useful tips, and stories of personal experiences that will help them to make a decision about where to travel, and how.

At WTM we are inviting PR and marketing professionals to discuss our “Group Persona Report, a helpful tool for brands to obtain deeper insights into customers, subscribers, social media followers and competitors. Finn Partners’ experts will be onsite to discuss the research and analytical tools they use to profile consumers’ preferences, interests and demographics, allowing brands to target their stakeholders more effectively and extend reach to other like-minded individuals.”

Jimmy Chaffin, managing partner, Finn Partners Digital & Social, continues, “We encourage you to visit our stand (ME190H) to find out more about how we can help you to create and deliver a fully integrated communications programme to your audience groups. Every person who visits our booth will have the opportunity to win a free ‘Group Persona Report’ for their brand.”


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For more information contact Amy Skelding at Brighter Group, A Finn Partners Company 0207 326 9880

* 61% of UK consumers who said they were influenced by social media influencers

** Social media influencers in the travel sector


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